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Domains Defined

The Domain Name System, or DNS, resolves human-intelligible domain names into computer-understandable Internet Protocol addresses. In this way, people can use your easy-to-memorize and easy-to-articulate domain name to visit your site. In a sense, the Domain Name System is like an "online telephone book". Some web hosting distributors, though, permit you to only host one single domain name per web hosting plan, but for a few extra dollars, you can get a hosting package that permits you to host numerous domain names.

Multiple Domain Hosting Services Provided by Real Tech Hosting

At Real Tech Hosting, we offer domain name registration and hosting services and allows you to register and host an unmetered number of domain names. The domain name registration procedure, though, is a time-swallowing procedure – based on the Top-Level Domain extension, you may have to fill out several different forms. That is the reason why Real Tech Hosting offers you multi-year multi-domain name registration options.

All website hosting packages we provided feature our advanced in-house built Domain Manager, which addresses all domain name administration aspects. This easy-to-work-with user interface offers domain parking and redirection options and enables you to update your WHOIS details and DNS entries, to renew multiple domain names and more.